LSP Productions



Q:How do you get so many views?

A:I wouldn't say I get a lot of views, but when I get over a thousand, it's from people advertising my videos on their channel, by video responses, etc.

Q:How come you didn't reply to my channel comment?

A:I only reply to channel comments, that I find worth replying to, and if I find them a direct question.

Q:Can you promote my videos, for me?

A:No, I will promote your videos, if I really enjoy them. I will not promote them, if you send me a message begging.

Q:Can you make a video for me?

A:No, I only make videos, for my own use.

Q:Can you voice act for me?

A:Probably not. I get about ten to fifteen requests a month. If your videos have really good quality, and storyline, we might work something out.

Q:Can I voice for you?

A:No! Stop asking. If you ask two or three times I'll have to block you. I handpick my voice actors.